Easy Guidance On How To Wrap A Wine Bottle

How To Wrap A Wine Bottle: Try These Methods

My usual method of giving a bottle of wine to party hosts, close friends, or exceptional teachers during this time of year is to grab it, toss it into a slender, store-bought gift bag, or just toss a bow on top. But after seeing so many inventive, simple, and festive ways to wrap a bottle of wine for the holidays, I’m suddenly rethinking my ho-hum gift-wrapping strategies.

Best of all, I’m sharing easy guidance on how to wrap a wine bottle.

Methods Of How To Wrap A Wine Bottle

Use A Tea Towel

It’s an effortless way to wrap a bottle in lovable tea leaves or hand towels.

Just fold your towel in 1/2 over the wine, fold the backside proper and backside left to meet the bottle, fold the right, then the left, tie the pinnacle material collectively with a ribbon, tie the ribbon and you are geared up to provide the gift!

I mainly love wrapping wine in this way, as the wine itself as a present is wrapped in a tea towel! I like this one, and the website typically has stunning alternatives as well.

Use A Paper Fan

This technique can also appear a little fancy, however, it is true in reality speedy and appears cute. Simply area your bottle on a sheet of wrapping paper, add some greater overlaying on the backside, and a lot more masking on the top. Wrap the bottle in paper and seal it with tape.

Fold the paper at the backside so that the backside of the bottle is wrapped and sealed with tape. Flatten the tip of the paper over the cork with your finger. Fold the paper returned and forth like an accordion, dividing it into about 3/4 “sections till it reaches the cork.

Wrap a piece of string or ornamental thread from pinnacle to backside and reduce the scalloped paper in half (secure the string with tape on the backside and back).

Easy Guidance On How To Wrap A Wine Bottle
Easy Guidance On How To Wrap A Wine Bottle

Remove the top and tape the two halves of the fan collectively (either double-sided or back-side). Tie the rope in a bow and you are done! 

Use Tissue Paper

In much less than two minutes, Martha Stewart suggests to you how to fantastically wrap excursion wine in two portions of used tissue paper. I love the easy way she makes her hair seem to be so neat; I mean, I’ve tried wrapping bottles earlier than and it appears as if I did it with one hand. In the dark. This is contrary to that. 

Apply Brown Paper

As our buddy, Christine at Mom’s Boston reminds us when realistic brown paper wraps a bottle of wine, it attire up for the holidays. I preferred the thought that Terrain, an online retailer, noticed on her site. Small rings or wreaths can add shade to the mouth of a bottle, as proven in the photograph above, or you can beautify it with a ribbon. If your handwriting is higher than mine, you can even write non-public records on paper, if you use black brown paper, like a chalkboard.

I have a lot of brown paper, saved from containers I obtained from Amazon this holiday, however, I additionally seem for prettier brown paper at Terrain’s online store. See more about How To Bottle Wine At Home

Apply Tassels

If you like to hold busy looking at your preferred vacation films with the kids, here is a gorgeous idea: make your personal tasseled wine bottle bags. I like the thought of the Proper website, which suggests the use of something known as tassel scissors, which you artful humans in all likelihood have everywhere. Fortunately, ordinary scissors can additionally do the job. You may additionally want to watch one extra movie.

Apply Printable Present Labels And Labels

Fire up the printer and create your very own free print present label to cling to the pinnacle of your present bottle. I love Party Delight’s eight humorous holiday-themed labels and the clear guidelines she offers on how to make them seem to be so neat on the pinnacle of the bottle. In fact, all you want is a pair of scissors. A: wow! 

Use A Round Sweater Sleeve

Before you throw away an ancient Christmas sweater or one your children have outgrown, test out this smart thinking of remodeling the sweater sleeve into a DIY wine sleeve. A: wow! Just to make certain there may be no horrible shitty wine, oh, my god! Creative has guidelines on how to sew the backside of a sleeve – do not worry, it appears easy. Plus, your historic sweater sleeve can be reused once more and once more as a present of wine, making it a very environmentally pleasant choice.

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Change The Label Of Your Wine Bottle With Customized Versions

It’s so effortless to swap current wine labels for one of these dependent printed wine labels from Berry Berry Sweet, which is now 50% off Etsy. They’re editable, so you can encompass your family’s names and exceptional greetings — whether or not you prefer to be playful or friendly.

I love that you can additionally label the variety, like chardonnay, Merlot, or two chucks. See more about How Many Calories In A Bottle Of Red Wine?

Wrap Wine As Section Of A Diy Month-To-Month Wine Present Basket

Creative approaches to wrap your wine: DIY Wine Month Club! Amazing tutorials from The Creative Bite

Do you in reality favor putting your present to shame? Check out this DIY wine present basket from Creative Bite, which is greater than simply a bottle of wine as a hostess gift.

She used an exclusive hand computer to make the labels proven here, however, I assume you can discover thoughts on her internet site and create your personal model on your computer, or even hand-write the labels.

If your recipients comply with your directions to open solely one bottle a month, they will toast you for being such a considerate and beneficent giver each month in 2020. Cheers! 

To Beautify With Ornaments

Another way to kill two birds with one stone! Add a high-quality bow or ribbon or tie it to a decoration or vacation ornament so they can use it to be aware of you!

If you healthy the color of your wine with the ornament, a whole lot the better. I used an automobile ornament, however, I like this croissant and this warm canine ornament. Well, essentially all of them!


Have you ever thought that presenting a bottle of wine as a gift might seem a little “lazy” in comparison to other gifts? I don’t think it’s so much the gift itself (I mean, I’d accept wine as a gift at any time!). Giving a bottle of wine or spirits can often feel a little underwhelming because the wrapping isn’t generally as exciting. But not anymore!

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