Useful Tips On How To Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet

How To Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet: Quick Review

Red wine stains on clothing can be challenging to remove, but red wine stains on carpets can be more challenging. This is so that you can avoid having to wash the carpet by hand. However, if you take quick action, you can typically stop the red wine from leaving a lasting stain on the carpet. While you can wait a few hours, do not wait till the next day. When it comes to difficult stains, time is your enemy. Here’s what you need to know on how to get red wine out of the carpet.

Required Equipment / Tools

  • White cloths or paper towels
  • vacuum cleaner components
  • Water
  • bread soda
  • Salt (optional)
  • Remover of stains or carpet stains (optional)
  • cleanser based on oxygen (optional)
  • washing detergent (optional)


If the red wine stain on your carpet needs to be cleaned up very away, at the very least, blot it with paper towels and sprinkle salt on it. By absorbing part of the wine that wasn’t blotted up, the salt will eliminate some of it, and it can then be vacuumed up.

The cleanup becomes more challenging if you don’t discover the red wine spill until after it has dried. In this situation, soak the stain in hot water, use a pre-treatment spot remover or carpet stain remover, and then scrub the stain with an oxygen-based cleaning product (like OxiClean) for two to ten hours.

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Methods Of Getting Red Wine Out Of Carpet

A Dry Paper Towel Or Cloth

The first thing you need to do is to dry the spilled red wine with a paper towel, absorb as much liquid as possible, and prevent the stain from solidifying.

Don’t scrub the carpet, because it will only rub the liquid further into the fibers of the carpet.

Tapping or absorbing ink is the best way to absorb as much liquid as possible and make sure you don’t make things worse.

Once you have removed as much liquid as possible from the carpet, you can start cleaning up the remaining stains in the area.

Traditional Carpet Cleaning Machine

If you have carpet cleaner in your home, you can try this method before relying on other household chemicals or liquids.

The first thing you need to do is spray enough carpet cleaner on the stain so that it is completely covered and wet.

Wait a few minutes, let the cleaner dip into the carpet, and then wipe the stain with a clean, dry towel (or paper towel).

Carpet cleaners on the counter often do a good job in cleaning red wine stains, but not everyone has red wine stains in their homes, or you may not have a carpet that works well with a carpet cleaner.

Always test your carpet cleaner in an inconspicuous place on the carpet, and then spray it on places where you often walk.

Some carpet cleaners may cause discoloration.

If you don’t have carpet cleaner in your home, or you don’t want to use carpet cleaner in the leakage area, there are also several methods to clean up the overflow with common household chemicals and cleaners. When you talk about cleaning up red wine stains, you may not think of these methods.

Soda Water

Club soda is a great way to help remove red wine stains from your carpet without using chemicals or worrying about chemicals damaging your carpet.

After you’ve drained the overflow to absorb as much liquid as possible, pour some soda water on the stain, wait a few seconds, and then start draining the area again.

Useful Tips On How To Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet
Useful Tips On How To Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet

Once the stain is dry, repeat the process, adding more soda and blotting until the stain is completely removed.

While there’s no chemical reason soda helps remove wine stains from carpets, some people believe that bubbles in the liquid help release stains from carpet fibers, making them easier to remove.

While this method tends to work for carpets, it may not work for other materials, such as tablecloths or clothing.


Did you know that milk may help remove red wine stains from carpets and clothes?

If you don’t have carpet cleaner around and you haven’t had soda yet, milk may be your next best option.

Milk is an excellent solvent because it is both an acid and a base. Because of the fat content in milk, it will absorb the red wine into the milk rather than allowing it to be absorbed into your fabric.

As mentioned earlier, in order to use this method, you need to drain the stain completely and then pour milk over the stain. Let the milk set over the wine for a minute or so, then drain the liquid. Repeat these steps as needed until the stain is removed.

This method can be used on carpets but is commonly used on clothing and other fabrics that can be treated and thrown in the washing machine. Since you’re using milk, it can leave a stench when the stain is removed. So if you do plan to use this method on your carpet, make sure to clean or deodorize the affected area after removing the stain to make sure all the milk has been removed.

Considerations For Cleaning Red Wine Stains

It’s not the end of the world if you spill red wine on your carpet. These types of stains, as well as other spills that could seem to be the end of your carpet, can be successfully removed using the tools and strategies we’ve outlined in this piece.

You shouldn’t have any trouble cleaning up the mess, and the party won’t be ruined, as long as you act as quickly as you can, blot (do not scrub) the area to soak up as much liquid as you can, and then treat the carpet using these instructions.

Do you have a trick or process for removing red wine stains that you believe people should be aware of?

Other Related Questions

How To Remove Dry Red Wine Stains

The party’s over, and you’ve recently learned how wine helps you fall asleep, so you decide to sort out the mess in the morning.

You don’t know that someone spilled a bit of red wine on the carpet and no one noticed until it was too late. Now you are stuck with a completely dry stain that seems impossible to remove.

Don’t worry, even if the stain is set and completely dry, the methods we listed above will still work. This may require more effort and may require a combination of methods to completely remove the stain.

Because each of the previous methods involved some kind of wetting solution, you need to let the liquid sit on the stain a little longer than the stain is fresh.

This will give the chemical or liquid enough time to absorb as much of the stain as possible before starting to wipe down the affected area with a dry paper towel or cloth.

Remember, no matter how much you want to scrub stains unless you have no choice. Scrubbing can make the stain deeper into the carpet’s fibers, which can make your job more difficult.

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How To Remove Red Wine Stains From White Carpet

Because white carpet would not have shade dyes, you can strive to bleach the stain by the usage of a hydrogen peroxide solution. Don’t use this approach on a colored carpet, as it can bleach out the dyes.

Test carpet stain elimination strategies on a hidden location of your carpet to make certain of the results. These are authentic carpets that have dye and even white carpets. Sometimes the stained place can turn out to be too smooth and brighter than the surrounding area, which will make it stand out.

Make a Cleaning Solution

Mix 1 section of dye-free dishwashing liquid with two components of hydrogen peroxide in the location of the usage of a business carpet stain remover.

The cleaning answer the usage of dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide

Apply and Remove the Solution

Sponge on the solution. Allow it to work for various minutes, and then blot off with an easy cloth. Dip an easy material in undeniable water, and blot the vicinity to take away any soapy residue.

Use a sponge to observe the cleansing solution

If the entirety you strive for fails to cast off the stain, it is time to name the pros. They can use industrial merchandise to return your carpet to its pre-stain condition.


Don’t worry though, spilling red wine onto a carpet is not the end of the world, even if that carpet is white. There are plenty of ways to remove the wine from the floor before it leaves a permanent stain.

Even if it took you a little bit of time to notice that some red wine had spilled on the carpet, and now the stain has started to set and dry, there are still things you can do to clean up the spot.

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